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Along with the advent of the OpenAPS Data Commons for individuals to donate their data anonymously to research, the community is collaborating with various researchers on numerous research projects. This page (last updated Sept. 21, 2017), will describe some of the research projects that are ongoing, and how to participate in each if you are interested in getting involved.

Projects that are using the OpenAPS Data Commons:

  • A retrospective outcomes study is currently ongoing with Johns Hopkins (IRB00121066). The first data collection pull for this study from the OpenAPS Data Commons will happen after June 16, 2017.
  • A predictive algorithm comparison study is currently ongoing with Stanford (e-protocol #40306).

Other research projects engaging the OpenAPS community:

  1. Title: Opening pathways for discovery, research, and innovation in health and healthcare
    Researcher: Dana Lewis
    Summary: On-call data science resources to help individuals from the diabetes community pursue research questions of interest.
    More details about the project: (and more coming soon)
    How to participate in the study: contact Dana(AT)
  2. Title: Learning to use closed loop technology.
    Researcher: Hamish Crocket, social scientist in the Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance at the University of Waikato, New Zealand
    Summary: This study examines the learning experiences of people using open source technologies to build their own Artificial Pancreas System. The aim is to identify how people learn when closing the loop, what challenges they faced through this process of learning and how they overcame these challenges. The project aims to recruit up to 30 new DIY APS users. This includes anyone 18+ years of age (including parents who have set up DIY APS for their T1 children) in their first year of using DIY APS. Participants will take part in semi-structured online interviews of approximately 30-60 minutes duration. Findings will be used to develop resources to support people transitioning to existing DIY systems and new commercial closed loop systems, and also published in relevant academic journals.
    More details about the project:
    How to participate in the study: contact Hamish via email (hamish(dot)crocket@waikato(dot)

Are you interested in doing research in partnership with the OpenAPS community? Contact dana(AT)