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Along with the advent of the OpenAPS Data Commons for individuals to donate their data anonymously to research, the community is collaborating with various researchers on numerous research projects. This page (last updated August 24, 2018), will describe some of the research projects that are ongoing, and how to participate in each if you are interested in getting involved.

Example projects that are using the OpenAPS Data Commons:

  • A retrospective outcomes study with Johns Hopkins (IRB00121066) was completed in 2018. You can see the results from the study on the outcomes page; or in more detail written up by Dana here.
  • A predictive algorithm comparison study with Stanford (e-protocol #40306) has been completed, and is pending being written up for publication.
  • An analyses of sensitivity changes for individuals (using retrospective autosensitivity methods) was completed in 2018 and also presented. The poster is written up here; and in more detail here.
  • Additional studies that use member data from the OpenAPS community are described on the Outcomes page.

Other ongoing research projects engaging the OpenAPS community:

  1. Title: Opening pathways for discovery, research, and innovation in health and healthcare
    Researcher: Dana Lewis
    Summary: On-call data science resources to help individuals from the diabetes community pursue research questions of interest.
    More details about the project: (and more coming soon)
    How to participate in the study: contact Dana(AT)

Are you interested in doing research in partnership with the OpenAPS community? Contact dana(AT)